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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I already have an account with Altium Healthcare, but I want to start ordering my vials and caps online. How do I set this up?
A. You will need to contact our technical support department at (877) 206-9136 and they will help you set up an online account.
Q. When I order by phone, I receive a free case if I buy X amount of cases. Can I still get this on the website?
A. Yes, if you are set up to order this way over the phone or fax, you can order this way on the website. Just add all the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, then go to your shopping cart. If you qualify, you will then see a yellow link to add your free items.
Q. My pharmacy orders caps with our logo on them. Can I order these on the website?
A. Yes your custom imprinted caps can be ordered on the website. When you scroll to the caps ordering sections, you should see the words IMPRINTED next to the caps you wish to order.
Q. When I click "Add To Cart" my items are not added to my shopping cart.
A. You must change the quantity to something other than ZERO for items to be placed in your shopping cart. When you successfully add an item to your shopping cart, you will receive a popup box alerting you of the number of items added.
Q. I added too many of a certain item to my shopping cart. How do I reduce the quantity in my shopping cart?
A. In your shopping cart page, find the items you wish to change. Next, simply change the quantity number to the number you actually want (it must be greater than zero). Finally, press the "Change Qty" button.
Q. I put an item in my shopping cart that I do not want. How do I remove it?
A. In your shopping cart page find the items you wish to remove, then press the "Remove" button. You will receive a confirmation box, to confirm your actions.
Q. I am finished shopping and I am ready to checkout. How do I checkout?
A. In your shopping cart page, confirm the items you have ordered are correct. Also, if you have a yellow or red banner at the top of your shopping cart, further action may be required from you, before you checkout.

If everything in your cart is correct, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Checkout" button. You will be taken to a verification page. One last time, verify the items are correct. Scroll down the page, there is a place to enter additional information if you need to do so.

Once you are certain your order is correct, click the button "I Agree, Process My Order". You will get a confirmation number, and your order is now completed.